Toni Hanson Nelson
   My current focus is on combining objective studies of Sweetwater Creek and the Tangipahoa River with a deeply personal vision. My love and appreciation for the creation, the beauty, sense of peace and rebirth in nature has been a continual source of inspiration in my artwork. The goal is not the ideal or grand landscape, but an intimate natural setting that invites the viewer in.

    The paintings range in size from 5”x5” to 36”x48” and are either oil or acrylic, which affects the creation of my work differently. They include a combination of brushstrokes and meticulous details that present shimmering reflections and transparent foliage created by ambient sunlight. Most include some type of watery pathway inviting the viewer to explore, usually leading toward a light filled area. This pathway is also a reflection of the path I am following in my artwork as I am uncovering a mystery in the process.


(985) 878-3309

Artist & Teacher

  In our fast-paced world, time and beauties of our natural environment are slipping away. The paintings bring a reminder to the forefront of what we may be missing. Time spent in reflection, prayer, and meditation while being in the moment of nature, such as that of our local creeks, is rejuvenating. I want to call attention to the timeless beauty of our natural environment.

    My paintings are a reflection of my experience and observations, which I have recorded season after season for many years with an almost eccentric number of photographs. I take great liberties with the photographs, selecting views and editing with objects in and out of focus. These are reference points that capture the moment in the ever-changing landscape. I often include elements such as fallen trees and native or non-native invasive foliage to depict natural areas as they are becoming. The paintings reveal the subtle transformations of the water shed with great attention to the gentle light, unique detail, and an enriched reflection of creation.

  For each painting, my signature includes an inspired biblical scripture reference, unique to the subject matter.